Forms are up for the Kata Clinic (Nage no Kata) on February 23 and the Kata Exam on March 7.  Both will be at the Boys & Girls Club Gym.
Also, forms for the Leeward Judo Club Tournament on February 23 are up.   Click here for forms.
Congratulations to our competitors at yesterday's JBBAH Judo Tournament held on Maui for the first time.  Jordan Morifuji played several exhibition matches and also won his weight division!  You can click on Jordan's name below to see the video of the matches in his division.    Kalika and Kairyn Kaga both had no competitors in their division but had some exhibition matches also.  Dayton Pa and Starr Tothman-Ramos both had two tough matches in their weight division.  Just over 70 competitors showed up on Maui from the Big Island, Oahu and the Maui Clubs.  
Sensei Mark was there to guide our team and coach our matches. Sensei Scott was there and helping to Referee the matches for the day.  Sorry but Sensei Scott was not in our Team Pictures because he was meeting with other Referees after the tournament. 
A couple more pictures are available on our GALLERY page.
CLICK HERE for Full Results.
Here are the Quick Results:
Jordan Morifuji - 1st Place
Dayton Pa - 2nd place
Starr Tothman-Ramos - 2nd place
Kalika Kaga - 1st place
Kairyn Kaga - 1st place



50th State Judo schedule for 2020

JBBAH Proposed schedule for 2020


2.23.20  Kata Clinic @ Boys & Girls Club

               (Nage no Kata)   9:00am - 12:00pm

2.23.20  Leeward Judo Club Tournament

               @ Salt Lake Gym  8:30am

2.28.20  13th Annual Tsuruo Fukushima Memorial

               @ Salt Lake Gym

3.7.20    Kata Exam  @ Boys & Girls Club

3.8.20    JBBAH Judo Tournament  @ Boys & Girls Club

For more, go to our CALENDAR page.

NO CLASS on Thursday, January 30.
The YMCA will be using the room for a fund-raiser.
Sensei Greg Chow of Tenri Judo is making a Mini-Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 25, followed by an open practice session.  It will start at 8:00am then have the practice session about 10:30am-noon.  His plan is to get as many kids as many matches as possible.  Cadet and older will be allowed shime-waza (chokes) and kansetsu-waza (armors) unless there is a reason they can not.  Juv-A will be allowed shime-waza (chokes).  
No waivers, no medals, no papers, no concessions... just judo!
Make sure everyone is a member of USA Judo or USJF.   Please bring your own water, food, etc.  
Please let Sensei Mark know if you plan to attend.  A list needs to be sent in.
At last night's practice, Sensei Paxton Horiuchi was promoted to Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) by the USJF and presented to Paxton by Sensei Mark.  Sensei Paxton is still living in Las Vegas and attending UNLV.  He practices judo in Las Vegas while going to school.   He will be going back to school very shortly.   Congratulations Sensei Paxton!
Our website from 2014 is still up and running on a hard-to-find-website address LOL.   CLICK HERE to see it.  Some older pics.
It was designed for Flash Technology which no one uses anymore so if you want to see it, you have to update your Flash Player.    
Might not be worth it LOL.
BTW, for the tournament on Maui on January 19 (Sunday), so far we have Dayton Pa, Jordan Morifuji, Starr Ramos, Kalika Kaga and Kairyn Kaga participating.  If there are any more, please let us know.  
Also, reminder, class starts up again next Tuesday, January 14.
From Sensei Donald's wife, Darleen,
Funeral Services for our Sensei Donald Espiritu:
January 12, 2020 (Sunday)
@ Mililani Mauka Chapel
Visitation - 5:00pm
Services - 6:00pm
Thank you to everyone that came our for our annual Christmas Party.  Lots of good food again!  Class starts up again on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020.  Soon after that, Sunday, January 19, will be the 2020 JBBAH Judo Tournament to be held on Maui for the first time!    Plan on that if you can!!  Got some pics from tonight below and also a link to the video that was shown at tonight's party.
2019 Mililani Y Judo Christmas Highlight Video
Congratulations to ALL our competitors in todays 2019 HJI Hawaii State Judo Championships!   Lots of big brackets and some competitors that didn't place, actually went pretty far but still didn't place.   Go to our VIDEOS page to see videos of our winning matches.
Here are the Quick Results:
Jimmy Pascua - 2nd
Jordan Morifuji - 3rd
Patrick Yuasa - 3rd
Kassidy Pascua - 3rd
Karma Maruyama - 3rd
Also competed:  Gabriel Tyau, Liam Yuasa, Dayton Pa, Joseph McKenna.
I'll start off with sad news for those who were not at yesterday's tournament.
Our Sensei Donald Espiritu passed away 4 days ago!  He was the Sensei that was always smiling and usually teaching the little kids the basics of judo OR was teaching the older ones the techniques of chokes and armbars!  Sensei Donald and Sensei Mark have been friends for MANY years.  We were given the news from his wife, Darlene.
Before yesterday's tournament began, Sensei Mark gathered the competitors and parents around to make the sad announcement.  He asked the kids to remember Sensei Donald and to use what he taught them and play for him.  WOW, they sure did.  
We will ALL miss him!!
It's been a long weekend of judo.  Yesterday we had our Annual Mililani / Kaimuki YMCA Judo Tournament and it was held at Kaimuki YMCA this year.  The tournament winner gets to have the trophy that was started 6 years ago.  The winner is determined by the total number of IPPON wins for each club.   Kaimuki YMCA has won it the past 4 years..  This year, the score was 43-41 IPPON.
MILILANI YMCA won it back this year!!!!    Thanks to ALL competitors and every competitor played a very important part in the tournament as a TEAM!  
Jimmy Pascua, Jr. was named Most Outstanding Player for the tournament.
Videos of our winning matches should be up by tomorrow night.
For FULL RESULTS, click below:
At today's JBBAH Judo Tournament at Halawa Gym, we had 5 competitors who ALL did very well. 
Jimmy Pascua, Jr.  -  1st Place
Gabriel Tyau  -  1st Place
Jordan Morifuji  -  1st Place
Kassidy Pascua  -  3rd Place
Dayton Pa  -  3rd Place
Winning matches from today's tournament should also be up by tomorrow night.  
Thanks again to ALL of our Competitors and also to Aunty Keri and Sensei Aimee Morifuji for helping with the Scoring Table ALL day on BOTH DAYS!  Sensei Scott was the Referee for the entire tournament on both days also!  Sensei Scott Morifuji and Shaena Peralto and Sensei Mark were coaches on both days.
Aunty Keri also made the picture/picture frame of Sensei Donald which is shown in our picture with our Team from yesterday.