Congratulations to ALL our competitors in todays 2019 HJI Hawaii State Judo Championships!   Lots of big brackets and some competitors that didn't place, actually went pretty far but still didn't place.   Go to our VIDEOS page to see videos of our winning matches.
Here are the Quick Results:
Jimmy Pascua - 2nd
Jordan Morifuji - 3rd
Patrick Yuasa - 3rd
Kassidy Pascua - 3rd
Karma Maruyama - 3rd
Also competed:  Gabriel Tyau, Liam Yuasa, Dayton Pa, Joseph McKenna.
Again, don't forget to sign up for our Potluck/Christmas Party on Dec. 10.
CHRISTMAS PARTY on Tuesday, December 10 at our YMCA between 6:30-8:45.  Please sign up for POTLUCK.  Go to and sign up.
Username:  Morifuji
Password:  1234
December 10 will also be our last day of class (don't bring gi though)
Our next day of class will be January 14, 2020 (Tuesday).
HJI State Championships will be Dec. 1 (Sunday) at Salt Lake Gym.
Weigh-ins and Registration due by next Tuesday, Nov. 26!!!!!
Sensei Dean has to work on brackets on Thanksgiving Day!
CLICK HERE for Registration forms and rules.  
Also for FEES, the form states different fees for non-50th State members BUT we are included, so we pay the same FEES as them.
Just added Dayton Pa to videos for this past Saturday.
Just added a HIGHLIGHT video.
The videos are now up on our VIDEOS page.
There are 3 videos from yesterdays JBBAH Tournament.
There are a BUNCH from Saturday's Kaimuki/Mililani Tournament.
Also, a mistake was originally made on the results for Saturday's Kaimuki Y Tournament.  Jax Guris was listed as 1st place but actually the winner of that division was Joseph "JoJo" McKenna.  It has been corrected. 
I'll start off with sad news for those who were not at yesterday's tournament.
Our Sensei Donald Espiritu passed away 4 days ago!  He was the Sensei that was always smiling and usually teaching the little kids the basics of judo OR was teaching the older ones the techniques of chokes and armbars!  Sensei Donald and Sensei Mark have been friends for MANY years.  We were given the news from his wife, Darlene.
Before yesterday's tournament began, Sensei Mark gathered the competitors and parents around to make the sad announcement.  He asked the kids to remember Sensei Donald and to use what he taught them and play for him.  WOW, they sure did.  
We will ALL miss him!!
It's been a long weekend of judo.  Yesterday we had our Annual Mililani / Kaimuki YMCA Judo Tournament and it was held at Kaimuki YMCA this year.  The tournament winner gets to have the trophy that was started 6 years ago.  The winner is determined by the total number of IPPON wins for each club.   Kaimuki YMCA has won it the past 4 years..  This year, the score was 43-41 IPPON.
MILILANI YMCA won it back this year!!!!    Thanks to ALL competitors and every competitor played a very important part in the tournament as a TEAM!  
Jimmy Pascua, Jr. was named Most Outstanding Player for the tournament.
Videos of our winning matches should be up by tomorrow night.
For FULL RESULTS, click below:
At today's JBBAH Judo Tournament at Halawa Gym, we had 5 competitors who ALL did very well. 
Jimmy Pascua, Jr.  -  1st Place
Gabriel Tyau  -  1st Place
Jordan Morifuji  -  1st Place
Kassidy Pascua  -  3rd Place
Dayton Pa  -  3rd Place
Winning matches from today's tournament should also be up by tomorrow night.  
Thanks again to ALL of our Competitors and also to Aunty Keri and Sensei Aimee Morifuji for helping with the Scoring Table ALL day on BOTH DAYS!  Sensei Scott was the Referee for the entire tournament on both days also!  Sensei Scott Morifuji and Shaena Peralto and Sensei Mark were coaches on both days.
Aunty Keri also made the picture/picture frame of Sensei Donald which is shown in our picture with our Team from yesterday.
Congratulations to Jimmy Pascua and Dayton Pa.  They both placed 2nd in their big brackets in today's tournament held at Salt Lake Gym.  Videos of their matches are in the VIDEOS page....or click below.
Jimmy Pascua
Dayton Pa
Highlight Video of Jimmy/Dayton
Congratulations to SENSEI Jordan Morifuji.  Sensei Mark promoted Jordan to Shodan (1st degree black belt) last night.
CLICK HERE to go to the GALLERY page and see more pics from last night.
Sensei Kevin Asano recently received one of the highest awards from the Japanese Foreign Ministries for Excellence in promoting the Japanese culture outside of Japan!
Thank you to everyone that came out to today's JBBAH Judo Tournament at the Boys & Girls Club Gym.  Thank you to the Morifuji's for staffing one of the two scoring tables for the entire tournament.   Sensei Scott was a Referee for the entire tournament too.  Sensei Mark coached for the whole tournament too.    Videos are up too.   Click on the BLUE highlighted names for the videos.  Also, you can go to our GALLERY page to see pics from today.  More pics will available on our Association's website by tomorrow. CLICK HERE for Full Results.
Congratulations to our competitors today:
Novice Division:
Annabella (Bella) McKenna - 2nd
Joseph (Jojo) McKenna - 2nd
Aria Sajona - 2nd
Karma Maruyama - 3rd
Kairyn Kaga - 3rd
Kalika Kaga - 3rd
Open Division:
Jordan Morifuji - 1st
Jimmy Pascua, Jr. - 1st
Dayton Pa - 2nd
Kassidy Pascua - 3rd
Tyrus Sajona - 3rd
Still want to order DRI-FIT shirts??
For those who already ordered dri-fit shirts, they will finally start printing it soon...the machine was broken earlier.
For those who still want to order, please send me your order online from the SHIRTS page OR print out the order form from that page or from clicking below and turn in to me by this Thursday's class.  Money not needed yet BUT please turn in order by Thursday.
Also I do have a few extra cotton shirts in select sizes that were printed a week and a half ago.  Let me know if you want to buy those too.  Those cotton shirts won't be printed for a while.
Congratulations to our Jordan Morifuji.  Jordan placed 3rd at today's Uemura Cup Tournament held in Hilo today!!
Below are 3 pics from the Neil Adams Clinic held at the Boys & Girls Club on 8.17.19.
Congrats to our Competitors at yesterday's Mililani Seidokan Yonenbu Tournament.  Videos of Jimmy and Kassidy Pascua are up.  Click on their names below to see videos.
  CLICK HERE for full results.
Quick results:
Jimmy Pascua - 1st Place
Jax Guris - 2nd place
Kassidy Pascua - 3rd place
DeClan Guris and Kenichi Hara also competed.
Kassidy Pascua lost 2 matches to 2 Multi-National Champions BUT did really well and could have won her matches too with a little bit of tweaking!  Check out her video tonight along with Jimmy's and see how well she did and is right up there with that caliber of judo!
Two pics from tonights class.  
Senseis  L-R: Dean Shiraki, Sanford Kaga, Scott Morifuji, Aimee Morifuji, Wayne Nakamoto, Lindsey Cambra, Donald Espiritu, Head Instructor Mark Muranaka, Shaena Peralto, Nicole Ward.
Saturday, August 17  
    SESSION ONE:  Ages 5-13
At Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club  (94-1388 Moaniani St.  #217)
$30 per participant
    SESSION TWO:  Adults (Ages 14 - up)
At Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club  (94-1388 Moaniani St.  #217)
$50 per participant
At Boys & Girls Club Gym
$20 cost
Just got news that Sensei Scott Morifuji and Sensei Nicole Ward, also a member of our Mililani Y Judo Club, both just received their Gold Patch which signifies them as being one of the highest level U.S. National ranking referees (N4 level) for at least 2 years!!  Congratulations to both!!!!
Jordan Morifuji should be competing today, but I don't have the exact time.  CLICK HERE to go to the LIVE STREAMING at the US Open Judo Championships.  It's in Florida so they are 6 hours ahead of us.
Due August 1.  Go to SHIRTS page to download form or send email to me.
Also, forms for Sensei Dean's Mililani Seidokan Judo Tournament are now up.  CLICK HERE for forms.  Tournament is August 18.
A couple of things...
First of all, our Jordan Morifuji will be competing tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the US Open Judo Championships!  Sensei Scott will be a Referee in the Championships too!!
By late tonight or early tomorrow, which should have a time and a link to a website, where we can watch Jordan compete LIVE STREAMED on YouTube!!!!!
Another thing is T-shirt order forms are being passed out at class tonight with an order deadline of Thursday, August 1.  You can also order online by going to our SHIRTS page and download a form or just send it to my email which is also on the SHIRTS page.
CLICK HERE to download order form.
Added a video of Jordan Morifuji who placed 1st in his division!  Missed his matches while I was eating lunch.....
Also some pictures from the tournament were added to the GALLERY page.
A message from Sensei Scott:

Hello everyone,


I'd also like to acknowledge the individuals from our club who helped with the tournament today.


Aunty Keri, Sensei Aimee, Jordan and Kelli-Ann Ichimura from the Boys and Girls Club for helping run a scoring table.


Two of our sensei also helped referee:


Sensei Nicole Ward

Sensei Diane Mikuni


They were each mat captains of the two mats at the tournament today.


And of course, Sensei Mark, Sensei Wayne and Sensei Sanford who helped coach our 10 competitors today




Four videos are posted on our VIDEOS page.   Jimmy Pascua, Starr Totman-Ramos and Kalika Kaga.  Just added Jordan Morifuji's matches...happened while I was eating lunch  : (
Congratulations to all our competitors at today's JBBAH Judo Tournament held at Halawa District Park Gym.  We had 8 players that all played well.  Jordan Morifuji and Brandon Buenconsejo also played in the Shodan Shiai which followed the regular tournament and allowed players to gain points towards becoming black belts!
More pics to come soon.
Jordan Morifuji - 1st place
Jimmy Pascua - 1st place
Starr Totman-Ramos - 2nd place
Tyrus Sejona - 2nd place
Kassidy Pascua - 3rd place
Kenichi Hara - 3rd place
Kalika Kaga - 3rd place
Kairyn Kaga - 3rd place (tied)
Tyler Ishikawa - 3rd place
Also, welcome to our new Sensei, Joshua Farin who comes to us from Wailuku Hongwanji Judo Club and now lives in Mililani.  Sensei Joshua is a Shodan and competed for Baldwin High School's judo team.
Pictures from this past weekend's 
Summer Judo Training Camp.
Also, no tournament on June 23.  It's been canceled.  Next tournament will be on July 14 at Halawa District Park Gym.  It is our JBBAH Judo Tournament so ALL students are encouraged to participate!   One of two JBBAH tournaments a year.
Quick results from yesterday's tournament.  Click on blue name to see video.
HIGHLIGHT VIDEO - Includes ALL competitors for 5.19
Ezra Heldt - 1st place
Jonah Heldt - 1st place
Jimmy Pascua - 1st place
Patrick Yuasa - 1st place
Joseph McKenna - 1st place
Annabella (Bella) McKenna - 1st place  * 
Bryan Helepololei-Grace - 1st place  * 
Thomas (TJ) McKenna - 1st place  * 
Kenichi (Kenny) Hara - 2nd place
Liam Yuasa - 2nd place
DeClan Guris - 3rd place
Kassidy Pascua and Jax Guris also competed well but did not place.
*  means no competitor in division but played exhibition matches.
Congratulations to our Sensei Lindsey Cambra!!
Lindsey just graduated yesterday from UNLV and will continue her education at a college in Arizona!  Hope to see her soon!
Congratulations also go out to our Sensei Danielle (Dani) Nakamoto.  Sensei Wayne's daughter graduated from this past weekend in Arizona and will move to Fort Worth, Texas!
Sensei Aimee Morifuji is graduating tonight from Mililani High School at Aloha Stadium...picture to come later.
The JBBAH Judo Tournament has been rescheduled for July 14, 2019 at the Halawa District Park Gym.  It was last scheduled for June 2.  Set-up for the tournament will be on July 13 at 12pm.
If you plan on attending the USJF Self-Defense class on May 25 at Hawaii Tokai International, there are some videos you need to watch online and print out your certificates to take to the class to participate.  For information on the USJF Self-Defense class, CLICK HERE.
The Island Judo Club Tournament is now on for May 19, 2019 and will be at the Mililani District Park Gym!
Weigh-in for our Mililani Y Judo Club will be Thursday, May 16 at our Mililani Y!
CLICK HERE for forms.
Results are up for today's HHSAA Judo State Championships held at the Stan Sheriff Center. Click below:
Girls Individual Results
Girls Results by Brackets
Boys Individual Results
Boys Results by Brackets
I think there was a slight change in the Mililani YMCA charge for classes.  After the change, it is now:
$20/month for NON-YMCA members
FREE for YMCA members  (must pay a YMCA fee, which covers most programs at ANY YMCA).
2019 Summer Training Camp, sponsored by JBBAH and 50th State Judo Association.  Sign up as soon as you can!  
CLICK HERE for flyer and forms.
The Brackets are up for this Saturday's (May 4) 
2019 HHSAA State Championships held at Stan Sheriff Center. 
Click below to see the brackets!
Girls Brackets
Boys Brackets
Congratulations to Trinity Oshiro and the rest of the Mililani HS Competitors at yesterday's OIA Championships!   Below are the links to the OIA Boys & Girls Results.  Also posted below are Champions of the ILH Championships held on Friday.   The chart shows how many from each Island will be represented at the HHSAA State Championships held on May 4 at the Stan Sheriff Center.
OIA Boys Results
OIA Girls Results
Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our Mililani Y Judo Club at our demonstration today.  There kids did very well in showing our community what judo is about.  Below is a recording of the demonstration from today.  Enjoy!
The JBBAH Judo Tournament has been rescheduled for Sunday, June 2 at the Halawa District Park Gym!
Also on April 27 (Saturday), the YMCA will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the YMCA in Hawaii.  Our Judo Club will be doing a demonstration for the Mililani YMCA from 10:00am - 10:15am.    If anyone in the Judo Club wants to help with the demonstration, please let one of the Sensei know as soon as possible.  Those participants will begin practicing a routine for the demonstration from now until April 27.  This demo will help to show other members of the Mililani YMCA know what we do in our judo program at the the Y.   
To see the video of Kenichi Hara's matches at the tournament on March 17, CLICK HERE.  Sorry, I didn't get the results from our 3 competitors yet but will post it once I get it.
Also, I just realized, I didn't post our Mililani Y Judo Christmas Video for 2018.  CLICK HERE to see it...hopefully most of you did at our party!
Congratulations again to Kenichi Hara!   He placed 2nd at the Tsuruo Fukushima Tournament on 2.17.19.  Sorry for the late post.   Click on this link to see his video
Congratulations to our 2 Competitors at today's JBBAH Judo Tournament.  Thank you to the parents that came out to support the competitors today and also big thanks to Sensei Scott Morifuji for refereeing and to the rest of the Morifuji's... Keri, Aimee, and Jordan for working one of the two scoring tables the entire tournament.  Our 2 competitors tried very hard and I'm sure learned a lot from their matches!  Here are the quick results:
Kenichi Hara - 2nd place
Silas Grabil - 2nd place
Good job guys!!!
Reminder, there will be a JBBAH Judo Tournament tomorrow at the Boy's & Girls Club Gym in Moiliili starting at 9:00am.  I think we have 2 competitors entering.  Please come out and support them if you have the time!   See you there!
Also...below is a video that was made for the Promotion Celebration for our PROFESSOR Mark Muranaka.  He was promoted to Shichidan (7th dan) and was also elected as the President for our USJF (United States Judo Federation) for 2019.
Leave comments if you can on the Vimeo site.
Pics from today's JBBAH Joint Practice at the Boys & Girls Club Gym.
Happy Holidays ALL!
Check out our new JBBAH website...and new name.
It's now
Little late, but here are the FULL RESULTS from the 2018 HJI STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS.
Thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas party tonight.  Thank you to all the Parents and Students.    Thank you to Aunty Keri for putting the party together!  Sensei Mark wasn't feeling well, so he couldn't make it to the party BUT he wanted to thank all the students and that he was proud of all of them.    Thank you to Sensei Mark's sister, Anne, for helping with the Goodie-Bags.  She made the towels !!   To see the video shown at tonight's party, CLICK HERE.  Thank you ALL!
QUICK RESULTS from today's HJI STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS at Kaimuki High School Gym:
Kenichi Hara - 1st Place
Trinity Ellis - 1st Place
Jimmy Pascua, Jr. - 1st Place
Kassidy Pascua - also competed.  It must've been a super tough bracket if she didn't place!
Congratulations to ALL our competitors.  It was a much bigger than usual tournament with lots of High School and older competitors as well.  Hope to have to full results to you later...and videos. 
Also, a big THANK YOU to the help from our Volunteers at today's tournament.  Helping at one of the 3 scoring tables ALL DAY, were Aimee, Jordan and Keri Morifuji, and also Kim Pascua.  One more... Logan Mew was also a big help at the scoring table.  Sensei Scott Morifuji was a Referee for today's tournament too.   Thank you ALL!

12.10.19  Christmas Party!  6:30-8:45

                  POTLUCK Signup  

                  Username:   Morifuji    Code:  1234


1.5.20      Japan Men's National Judo Team dinner

                 @ TBD

1.14.20   Class starts up again

1.18.20    JBBAH Kata/Referee Clinic

                @ MAUI

1.19.20   JBBAH Judo Tournament

               @ MAUI


Go to our CALENDAR page to see the schedule for 2019.  It will be towards the bottom of that page.