2014 HJI State Championships     

Dec. 14, 2014 at the Salt Lake District Park Gym

Kahiwa Chong - 1st

Also competed in a 14 man division was Jordan Morifuji.

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2014 Mililani Y / Kaimuki Y Annual Judo Tournament          Hosted at Mililani YMCA

Nov. 22, 2014 at the Mililani YMCA

Most Inspirational Competitor Female:  Shaena Peralto  -  Mililani Y

Most Inspirational Competitor Male:      Syd Kikuchi  -  Mililani Y

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2014 Kelvin Mori Memorial Judo Tournament       Hosted by Wadokan Judo Club

Nov. 16, 2014 at the Salt Lake District Park Gym

Jordan Morifuji - 2nd place    (Jordan was the only competitor from our Club at the Tournament)




2014 Hilo Invitational Judo Tournament   Hosted by Hilo Hongwanji Judo Club

Oct. 25, 26 at the Hilo Hongwanji Sangha Hall

Most Outstanding Male Competitor:  Jordan Morifuji


Jordan Morifuji - 1st

Aimee Morifuji - 2nd


In the Katame no kata division:  Aimee and Jordan Morifuji paired up and placed 1st.




2014 Leigh Nakamoto Memorial Tournament     Hosted by Kapolei Judo Club

Sep. 21, 2014 at the Salt Lake District Park Gym

Shaena Peralto - 1st

Sydni Kim - 2nd

Megen Horiuchi - 2nd

Also competed:  Jordan Morifuji and Anthony Maize

NOTE:  Jordan Morifuji also competed at the JBBAH Judo Tournament earlier in the morning and

placed 1st there!!!






2014 Grassroots National Championships / 2014 Junior National Championships

July 4-6, 2014 at the Blaisdell Arena

Shaena Peralto - 1st

Megen Horiuchi / Aimee Morifuji - 2nd  (Youth Kata Competition)

Kyle Shiraki - 1st  (Mililani Seidokan)

Jensen Hernandez - 2nd (Mililani Seidokan)

Also competed:  Paxton Horiuchi, Megen Horiuchi, Brooke Kawamura, Jordan Morifuji, Brett Castro, Kahiwa Chong, and Trinity Oshiro.


Friday, July 4

Saturday, July 5

Sunday, July 6





2014 HHSAA Judo State Championships

May 10, 2014 at the Stan Sheriff Center (Top 16 players in the State per division)

Paxton Horiuchi - 6th

Also in the top 16:  Tanya Lopes, Dani Nakamoto, Brooke Kawamura, Lani Lucas





2014 Pearl City Judo Club Tournament

Apr. 27, 2014 at the Salt Lake District Park Gym

Shaena Peralto - 1st

Trinity Oshiro - 2nd

Kahiwa Chong - 3rd

Caleb Uchimura - 3rd

Also competed:  Portia Oshiro, Sid Kikuchi, Skyler Remata





Feb. 23, 2014 at Halawa District Park Gym.

Paxton Horiuchi - 1st

Keisha Pettaway - 1st

Megen Horiuchi - 1st

Portia Oshiro - 2nd

Trinity Oshiro - 3rd

Kiera Fukunaga - 3rd

Charles Hernandez - 3rd

Also competed:  Kahiwa Chong, Skyler Remata, Jordan Morifuji, Tuan Pettaway, Ryne Nakaguma,

In Team Competition, the boys and girls both took 3rd place.  The boys team was made up of 3 different clubs.  Members of the Team Competition were:

GIRLS:  Keisha Pettaway, Portia Oshiro, and Trinity Oshiro

BOYS:  Jordan Morifuji, Justin Yuen (Kaimuki Y),  Justin Lazo (Koolau), and Z Miyashiro (Koolau).




2014 Sam Fujiyama Memorial Tournament

Jan. 12, 2014 at the Salt Lake District Park Gym. 


Trinity Oshiro - 1st
Charles Hernandez - 1st
Shaena Peralto - 1st
Kahiwa Chong - 2nd
Portia Oshiro - 3rd
Also competed:  Jordan Morifuji, Skyler
Remata and Jensen Hernandez.